Team Building and Leadership exercises are stimulating activities, which can help, turn a group of individuals into a team that has the capacity to work effectively together. Whether creating a new team or strengthening an already existing team requires a combination of elements including, attitude towards and understanding of others, communication and problem solving skills. Many of these needs can be effectively addressed through a well-designed program of fun and exciting tasks and activities.

Each program we facilitate is designed specifically to meet the desired outcome of the organization we are working with. Different activities facilitated in different ways can and will lead to a wide variety of different experiences.

Many Team Building, Leadership and initiative tasks are like children’s games; others are novel, complex tasks and designed for specific needs. After each activity, team members will participate in a debriefing to reflect and discuss how they approached the situation and possible points of learning including what they would do differently if given the opportunity to do the task over.

Unlike a Ropes course, our Team Building program is adaptable to any setting. Many of the materials we use are easily obtainable so participants could reproduce them and recreate the activities to use in the future when the team brings in new members.

Over the past 6 years we have been facilitating Team Building activities for students, teachers, after school staffs, camp staffs, non-for profit agencies and corporations. Our knowledge allows us to facilitate a program where even the simplest game can become a significant experience for participants.

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